a tale of two ninja kids martial arts adventure book adam oakley

Amazon Reviews...

"Love these books.
Excellent series of books that keep my kids engaged when we read and spend quality time together! Thank you for making these books and helping bring our Ninja Family together! OSU"

- Duane Ludwig
- Martial arts coach and former pro fighter.

"Fab book for my little ninja...
I bought this book for my 8 year old son who does Martial Arts and he absolutely loves it! He has read the book twice through and is desperately waiting for the second book now!"

- Kate B., UK

"An exciting read for kids!
My son finished the book and loved it! He enjoyed it so much and is wondering when you might write a second book? He is 10 and does Gracie Jiu Jitsu and found the book exciting to read. We highly recommend this book!!"

- Eileen Roberts, USA

"This an awesome book...
I love this book. This is a very good book about 2 kids who want to stop what they are doing. 1 wants to be a ninja. 1 wants to stop being a ninja. This book definitely deserves a 5 star rating! (12yo)"

- The Backyard Ninja Kids, USA

"Get Out of the Cage to read A Tale of Two Ninja Kids
Adam’s books are perfect for my kids and myself. You find yourself emerged in adventure while learning valuable lessons. Many books open doors to adventures and many to lessons; but Adam successfully accomplished both with his Ninja Kids series. Don’t just order one book at a time, buy all three - I promise you will not regret it."

- George Camacho, USA

"Well written, great for 7 years up...
I don’t know how my 7 year olds clever godmother found this book but it is excellent, he loves it."

- JHF Pyman, UK

"An exciting story with brilliant life lessons for adults and children!
I read this book in one sitting! I was gripped as I wasn’t expecting such an exciting story. I absolutely loved the life lessons and morals but told in such a clever way. Adults and children should love this book and I can’t wait to read the sequels."

- Deborah Danvers, UK

Later added on Facebook:

"I’m on chapter 4 of book 2. So pleased it’s a direct continuation of book 1. I’m actually reading to my 7.5 year old daughter who’s purple belt Karate... “keep reading mummy I want to see what happens with the stone!!!” It’s so enjoyable. A great story, exciting and meaningful. I find myself repeating parts sometimes... “you see... it’s ok to feel fear but allow it to empower you “...absolutely love these books!"

- Deborah Danvers, UK

"Not just any martial arts story!
A very easy to read book that turns out to be very compelling. Great for young and older readers, I really enjoyed the story and the deeper messages it conveys."

- Alex, UK

"Our son loves it...
Our 8 year old son practices Muay Thai and he LOVES this book. He hasn't even finished Book 1 and he's already asking for Books 2 and 3. He loves the adventure and we love the great martial arts/life lessons...couldn't ask for more."

- Melissa, USA

"Super excellent book!!
This is currently my favourite book because it teaches you that you should appreciate the life you already have. The book (Book 1) is only over 100 pages long but it can still have a meaningful, detailed story. It is clear that Adam Oakley put a lot of effort into this book because of its great quality. I would recommend this book to ages 9 and up."

- JC, UK

"A great adventure story.
I read it in one sitting. Definitely a book that can be enjoyed by all ages. Looking forward to Book 2."

- John Pynor, UK

a tale of two ninja kids martial arts adventure book adam oakley

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a tale of two ninja kids martial arts adventure book adam oakley a tale of two ninja kids martial arts adventure book adam oakley